• AI powered Knee
    Osteoarthritis diagnostic

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    Leading innovation in Patient specific medical implants

    Personalization of Implants
    Using Medical 3D Scan Data and 3D Printing.

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    Customized hip implant

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    Customized knee implant for
    total knee replacement

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    Personalization of anatomical models
    for Preoperative planning Design of
    patient specific implants, drill guides and stents.

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    Patented Technology

    ImageSim: Robust software environment.
    Efficiently convert 3D scan
    data(CT/MRI/) to computer models.

Drive patient specific healthcare - Design new implants, stents and fixation plates that exactly match and fit patient anatomy, engineers and scientists need robust and reliable tools to help them efficiently and accurately convert patients scans data (CT/MRI) into computer models. These models need to be simulated/tested before final 3D print/manufacturing.

VOLMO uses its proprietary software ImageSim to design customised implants

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