3D Anatomical Models for Medical and Biomechanics Research & Training

Converting 3D Scan data into STL and Finite element model

  • Male/Female Image data sets already available
  • We have full male and female (MRI/CT) dataset available that could be converted to a specific body model depending on your requirements.

  • Image Segmentation
  • Image segmentation is very laborious and time consuming process. Our experts make sure proper image enhancement, filtering, smoothing and segmentation operations are performed in an efficient and accurate way to produce an image faithful model

  • Develop a robust and reliable CAD Model.
  • We could provide you an IGES or NURBS model ready to go into your simulation environment.

  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Finite element analysis is a technique to conduct virtual level testing under given boundary condition. You send us simulation parameters we run them for you and send you final result

  • Model your (CT/MRI) data sets
  • If you want us to use your data, we send you back a solid model or an input deck to be imported into simulation environment of your choice.

  • Rapid Prototype Model
  • We generate direct 3D printable models from 3D scan data using our ImageSim product.

    These facilities are available at a fair price. If you want to discuss your individual requirements, please get in touch with us and our representative would be happy to discuss with you in more detail various option we could provide for your modeling requirements.