platform for 3D scan data (CT, MRI, micro-CT) processing, visualisation, STL generation and volume meshing.

ImageSim is a powerful software environment for converting 3D Scan data into surface and volume meshes. The software offers rich functionality for Image filtering, segmentation and registration. Volume rendering functionality allows users to quickly visualize the segmented images.

Segmented images can then be converted into surface (STL) models and previewed before finally exporting the model for volume meshing or for 3D printing .

For volume meshing , CAD import and STL processing user use our meshing module TSV Pre. TSV offer a flexible environment for surface/volume meshing.

Key Features
  • Imports various scan data formats.
  • Visualization in 2D and 3D
  • Various algorithms for Image filtering, segmentation and registration.
  • Morphological and boolean operations on masks.
  • High quality STL export for volume meshing
  • Integrated robust surface remeshing / editing and volume meshing environment.