Ash Harkara

Ash is a scientist entrepreneur with a background in technology, computational modeling and medical image processing/patient specific implants. Ash has MBA and 20 years experience in academics and industry across various roles and functions.

Prior to starting VOLMO, Ash was commercial director for simpleware where he was involved in expanding and growing the business worldwide.

Head of Technology

Christos Theodosiou

Dr. Theodosiou has been continuously involved in the general research field of Computational Mechanics and Scientific Computing over the past years. This is reflected by his extensive professional experience on software development alongside with his refereed publications in high quality archival journals and the extensive list of his publications and presentations in national and international scientific conferences.

He participated to a large number of funded research projects, funded by international industries (e.g. Honda, Mazda, SHI). Moreover, during his pre and post- graduate studies and later during his professional carrier he participated in an extensive number of national and European funded projects on software engineering and scientific computing (e.g. EGI- InSPIRE, EGEE-III, PRACE and PRACE-1IP). These projects provided useful information about the computational needs of industry. During the past years, he was involved into design and development of algorithms on several novel research ideas in solving current industrial challenging problems.

Consultant Software Development

Tasos Iakovidis

Tasos is a mechanical Engineer and has more than 10 years of experience in developing customised software solution for Medical image processing and Finite Element Analysis solutions.

Tasos has considerable experience in numerical analysis software development using various languages including C, C++ and Python. He is also very knowledgable on MSC.Nastran structural solutions (Linear/Nonlinear Static/Dynamic Analysis, Linear/Complex Eigenvalue/FR Analysis, Buckling, Nonlinear Contact Analysis.)

Tasos has a Ph.D in mechanical engineering and is currently working on using Artifical Intelligence and machine learning in medical image processing.

Finance and Human Resources

Meenakshi Bindroo

Meenakshi Bindroo is a CIMA qualified management accountant with the background in finance/management in healthcare /pharmaceuticals (Pizer and Britannia ) industries.

Meenakshi has more than twenty years of industry experience working across various roles and functions.

Technical Advisors

Dr Kumar Rajamani

Kumar Rajamani is system architect with background in medical image processing. Prior to joining BOSCH Group he spent three years at GE Global Research (GRC), with the Medical Image Analysis lab. Kumar worked at Robert Bosch India. He was primarily involved in quantitative imaging of cancer.

Earlier to GRC, Kumar was Senior Scientist at Philips Research and Head of IT-Department at Amrita University. His research focus includes Medical Image Analysis, Health care technologies for emerging markets. He has four patents filings. Kumar completed his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from University of Bern, Switzerland.

Technical Advisors

Dr Giuseppe Valter Diurno

Valter Diurno has more than twenty years of experience in research, consulting and software development. Valter's main interest in computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis and Heat transfer.

He has a Ph.D from Maryland university (US) and has published more than 20 publications in reputed journals and conferences.