Strategic Alliances

VOLMO has developed world-class strategic alliances and joint research and development (R&D) initiatives to offer our customers a wide choice of innovative and integrated solutions. We understand the value in leveraging the knowledge, expertise and capabilities of the experts in the industry to combine their products with our product and services to develop next generation products. Through these alliances and with our competencies, we aim to help our customers boost their efficieny, productivity and R&D activities and become more agile and more competitive. Strategic partnership with VOLMO also provides an opportunity for our partners to reach to their end users and add value to their product development or research activity by being a part in an integrated value chain which provides a complete solution.


Developers of innovative technology for Cardiac Image Analysis. In order to strength our product portfolio in biomechanical area, we decided to enter into a strategic partnership with Medviso, we believe this partnership will benefit our customers by providing additional tools and services which compliment with our inhouse services. Click here to visit website :


Dynamics systems technology offers high performance FEA software, DYNAMICS. Our customers in industry and in R&D institutes mostly use our models for finite element analysis(FEA), and therefore need additional piece of software to accomplish their tasks. VOLMO entered into partnership with DTECH, which provides our customers an integrated cost effective solution. Click here to visit website :


TechnoStar Solutions is a collection of leading edge technologies that provides a fast, accurate and simple solution for complex CAE pre / post processes. It comprises of TSV-Pre and TSV-post. TSV is widely used across automotive, shipbuilding and power generation industries. TSV-Pre has various features to automate the pre-processing and shorten the turnaround time for meshing geometry. TSV-Pre comes with geometry cleanup, welding, mid-surface extraction, solid meshing, assembly, acoustic and other modules to undertake meshing of any complex geometry modules. TSV-Post compliments TSV-Pre with features to interactively read results in various formats.


Provides extensive design and manufacturing services. Our customers also use our models for rapid prototying. Our partnership with IGTR provides an easy and fast route for our customers to get their models/parts prototyped or manufactured.

In order to strength our research and development activities and product offerings in biomedical and CAE area , we believe it is important for us to enter into partner and collaborative relationship with leading academic and R&D institutes worldwide. In this direction VOLMO has initiated and is in advanced stage of establishing a business relationship with some of the leading academic brands in world including CPDM in IISc Bangalore, Department of Natural/Medical Sciences in University of Delhi , and MIT Manipur.