Design and Simulate Patient Specific Fixation Plate for Proximal Humerus Fracture

In this study we designed and simulated a rigid proximal humerus fracture fixation plate using patient scan dataset. Patient CT scan data was used to create a patient specific fixation plate using medical segmentation and CAD software ImageSim from VOLMO (UK. Segmented model of full bone and bone fragments were exported as STL models from ImageSim. These STL models were imported into TSV software and fixation plate was designed using various features available inside the software environment. After designing the new plate, all the components bone , fragments, plate and screws were assembled and complete volume mesh was generated. Finite element software from Ansys was used to run static simulation under various loading condition. The result from these simulation helped us to optimise the plate and screw placements to minimize screw loosening, plate fixation failure & help quick healing and rehabilitation.

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Indeed a very precious piece of information. I didn't even know such a kind of disease exists. I'd love to read more on treatment and prognosis part.

by: Siddharth Sharma